sculptural furniture

The work of Edmund Fickbohm reveals an imagination unwilling to be defined by only one medium of expression. His whimsical yet functional furniture...express(es) a somber playfullness and a respect for materials. Fickbohm's superbly crafted modern furniture addresses the issues of design, function and contemporary aesthetics...

Betty Disney, Professor, History of Art, Cypress, College, Cypress, CA

Ed Fickbohm lives on Whidbey Island, Washington. His sculptural furniture using varied materials including polychromed wood and steel is widely collected by both public institutions and private collectors. Each piece is made to fit client's specifications and is unique. Use the pieces pictured here as guidelines for your own piece or work with Ed to create works which fit your special furniture needs.

furniture selections
contact Ed at "fickbohm@whidbey.net"